Roy has had enough of the Carter invasion.

Radio Times: Roy gets pushed too far.

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  • Christopher’s presence at Willow Farm is causing problems. He hogs the bathroom at peak times, uses Hayley’s towel and leaves it sodden, and is generally getting across Roy, who’s worried enough about the pressure he’s putting Hayley under by making her live with his parents.
  • Brian’s idea of retiring is still occupying Adam’s thoughts, and when he mentions doing a management course, Brian asks if he’s getting ready to take over Home Farm. The strawberry enterprise is going well despite labour troubles. Ian is still intrigued by the thought of Jennifer dressing in her tennis skirt to sell them.
  • Ian has decided to buy sausages from Tom for the Bistro, and is keen to tell Tom the good news.
  • As if Christopher’s behaviour isn’t enough, Neil asks if he can use Betty’s kitchen table to do his paperwork. Friendship is all very well, says Roy, but he’s sick of it. The Carters are taking over his home.

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