Christopher gives an ultimatum and Helen blows her top – again.

Radio Times: Things go from bad to worse at Bridge Farm.

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  • Susan still can’t accept the fact that Emma prefers being at Will’s to life in the caravan, and wants Neil to persuade her to come home. Betty calls round, and tactfully suggests that maybe they could persuade Christopher home as well.
  • When it’s pointed out to him that his presence at Willow Farm is not entirely appreciated, Christopher meekly agrees to come back to the caravan – as long as he can have a birthday party. Neil thinks it will upset the pigs, and a building site is too dangerous, anyway. Mike gets to hear about the idea, and insists on an adult presence, to make sure there’s no alcohol or drug problem. Christopher is not impressed.
  • News of Tom’s deal with Ian and the Bistro cheers Pat up – until Helen arrives home from the shop early, and disappears for three hours. Pat and Tony set out to look for her, and find her by the river. Their parental concern is thrown right back in their face, as Helen has another major temper. She shouts at Pat, saying she won’t be treated like a child, and that Pat has no idea what it’s like, and storms off again. A distressed Pat says she knows only too well.

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