Ed follows up a lead about illegal meat trading but it seems to be a dead end.

Radio Times: Ed gets a reality check.

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  • At the car boot sale, Kirsty is buying; Ed and Jazzer are selling, except that Jazzer has wandered off. Both he and Kirsty report seeing a big guy selling meat out of the back of his van and Ed decides to take a look.
  • Things are busy at Bridge Farm; Tony has no time for the roast dinner Pat is cooking. Kirsty has phoned with a view to visiting Helen but Pat got no answer when she delivered the message. When Helen appears, her temper has not improved.
  • The meat guy is packing up, so Ed does likewise; he plans to follow him.
  • Kirsty tries hard with Helen, who is totally unreceptive to her expression of concern. She admits she has had a dream about Greg which she found upsetting. When Kirsty suggests that Helen should consider talking it through with someone, Helen immediately assumes that Pat has put her up to it and the well-meant idea is thrown in her face.
  • In The Bull, Tony is buying and Eddie is not one to turn down a pint; Tony also has work for him and that is even more welcome. Jazzer nearly blabs about what they have discovered but a well-aimed kick shuts him up; the meat-seller convinced them that he was selling straight from the farm (a familiar story!) and they seem to have accepted that he therefore cannot help them. Ed is worried about his father going to prison; he is old and it would just about finish him off.

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