Sid and Jolene smarten up The Bull with ambitions for the South Borsetshire Pub of the Year.

Radio Times: Sid and Jolene get competitive.

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  • The Bull has been nominated for South Borsetshire Pub of the Year, so there is extra spit and polish in use; every strange face is a potential incognito judge so Sid must be super polite – that includes not punching customers in the eye. Sid’s preparations include displaying a picture of Lucy; Jolene is not too keen on this. Jolene would like to smarten up Clarrie’s appearance; she finds a selection of tops for Clarrie to try, “so as not to spoil her own clothes at work”. Lucy’s photo is quietly removed.
  • Oliver has taken his baler to Brookfield to produce some small hay bales. The leverets are a continued attraction: Daniel will be along later to see them, although Alistair is otherwise engaged, discussing the bush tucker challenge with Eddie. Although Wednesday is Ruth’s birthday, she and Jill are going to clean Rickyard Cottage ready for Sam’s arrival next weekend.
  • Back in The Bull, Clarrie is finding the new top a bit tight, Sid has missed Lucy’s photo and reinstated it (not for long, one suspects!), and Alistair is getting little help from Eddie who is not his usual cheerful self; the thought of prison is clearly weighing heavily.

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