Lynda has a new project: to buy the Cat & Fiddle and restore it as a heritage centre.

Radio Times: Pat fears for the future.

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  • Ian starts the day with a swim and Adam cannot resist staying to watch; it’s costly though because he is provoked into entering the bush tucker challenge. Ian has an idea to get the strawberry pickers’ productivity up: split them into groups of comparable ability.
  • Lynda makes an early call on Jennifer to report progress on the Cat & Fiddle. The owners will not donate the building but they will sell it. Lynda has all the information about fund-raising, about setting up a trust and about becoming a charity.
  • When Pat visits the strawberry field, Adam is quick to share news of his latest success at selling them. He also learns that Ian, who is keen to observe Helen at her cheese-making, would be welcome at Bridge Farm any time. Company would be good for Helen; Greg isolated her so much.
  • Jennifer is pleased about Lynda’s project but declines the offer to take all the literature away on holiday with her.
  • Roy turns up for work early, to get away from home and chill out. It’s raining Carters at Willow Farm. On top of everything, now Emma has started drying flowers to use as confetti and there is Christopher’s party yet to come.
  • Her old tennis dress looks fine to Jennifer but Adam recommends something more up-to-date. Really! She is only going to sell strawberries at a Farmers’ Market. She manages to put her foot in it with Pat, who is also going on the holiday, about mothers’ relationships with sons. Pat feels that Greg drove a wedge between her and Helen when he was alive and he is still doing it now.

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