Not before time, Christine starts to think positively about the new house.

Radio Times: George tries to move on.

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  • Try as he may, George cannot enthuse his wife in their new home. Christine is content to leave the design to George and Lewis – as long as it isn’t a replica of the old one.
  • When Kathy collects Jamie from school for a dental appointment, she is horrified to learn what he eats for lunch. No wonder he is putting on weight.
  • Helen is busy with a batch of Borsetshire Blue but confides in Ruth that she is researching a new, soft cheese; she is, however, not best pleased when Ruth lets this out to Pat.
  • Kathy has brought Jamie to see the leverets and finds Ruth and Jill cleaning Rickyard cottage for the new herdsman, Sam. The subject of school lunches is well and truly aired and Jill suggests that, if Kathy intends to tackle the headmistress about the matter, it would be good to have some alternative ideas to offer.
  • Kirsty has found a bereavement website and Pat persuades Tony to show it to Helen; she cannot do so herself or it would be thrown in her face. Her parents have different views of Helen: Tony says she always was a private person; Pat describes her as secretive and defensive. But Tony is convinced that she will not do anything drastic – she would not put them through that. Tony will also try to get her to soft-pedal on work, she is currently on over-drive.
  • As usual, Jill has come to the rescue with some wise counsel and Chris now realises that she has been selfish leaving the new house all to George. She does want them to plan it together. George is able to report on his meeting with Lewis, who has had a cracking idea: if the planners approve, how does a bungalow sound?

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