Brian, Jennifer, and Ruairi get back from Sardinia. William gets to keep his job.

Radio Times: Brian shows his magnanimous side.

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  • Clarrie’s staying at William’s but has popped home. Eddie tells Clarrie that Ed has gone to see Emma and she’s got to accept that they’re back together.
  • Adam welcomes Brian and Jennifer back from their holiday in Sardinia. We had a bit of a problem with the shoot, says Adam, and proceeds to fill Brian in over coffee.
  • William tells Clarrie the situation was made worse because he thought he and Emma might get back together again. Clarrie’s motherly instinct is to wonder if Emma was leading him on but William thinks he’s let everyone down.
  • Eddie visits Clarrie at Casa Nueva to find William has gone to see Brian to apologise face to face. Eddie tells his wife that maybe she shouldn’t blame Emma but instead realise her son’s at fault for interpreting Emma’s behaviour to suit himself.
  • Brian hears out Will’s apology, and then gives a slightly stern lecture about [feathered] birds being a keeper’s first priority but ends by giving Will another chance. Brian asks if William wanting to return to work tomorrow may be too soon but Will says he just wants to get back to something he is, or was, good at. Will leaves but Brian wonders to Jennifer if he’ll turn up tomorrow.

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