The brothers make their peace. The twins celebrate a big birthday.

Radio Times: Eddie’s hopes hit the rocks.

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  • It’s a day of mixed emotions in Ambridge. For the Archer clan, there are big celebrations for the twins’ 50th, with an amazing array of costumes and makeup, including Nigel as Boy George. Even Shula is in high spirits.
  • For the Grundys, things are not so cheerful. Eddie and Ed have drawn a blank in their search for Will, so stop for fish and chips while they collect their thoughts. Ed muses on the wonderful times they had at the coast as children, and suddenly has a flash of inspiration – a pill-box in the sand-dunes was their favourite place as children. Maybe Will’s gone there.
  • Nigel and Shula disagree about the riding order for the team chase, but agree amicably in the end. Kathy is enjoying her new job, and happily teases Kenton about his advancing years.
  • Eddie and Ed locate the pill-box, and there, sitting beside it, is Will. Ed insists on speaking to him alone, so Eddie rings Clarrie with the news.
  • An emotional reunion takes place. Will admits he really wanted to kill Ed, but Ed says it doesn’t matter any more. Will is convinced that Ed will take George away from him, and Ed has a job to convince him that he would never stop George from seeing him; Will will always be George’s dad. George loves and misses him. The brothers both weep, and gently Ed says he’ll drive Will’s car home, so that Will can go with Eddie. The family is together again.

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