The search for Will widens. Matt takes a step closer to finding his roots.

Radio Times: Hope springs eternal for Clarrie.

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  • It’s a big week for birthdays in Ambridge; today sees Matt and Emma celebrate, and the whole village has gone 80s crazy in anticipation of Kenton and Shula’s bash on Friday.
  • Lilian has bought Matt a pink cashmere golfing jumper, but it’s not exactly to Matt’s taste. Eventually he asks whether she might change it for a brown one. Something else occupies his thoughts – he’s discovered that his mother was called Louise, that she was only 16 when he was born, and was single. Somehow, seeing all that in black and white makes her real to him at last, and he’s determined to find her.
  • Birthday or not, Matt can think only of the digester, and he still wants to look at a bigger one, using food waste. He needs to keep Brookfield on board, though, and that needs Annabelle’s diplomacy. But he’s reckoned without David, who refuses to talk unless Adam is present – just what Matt doesn’t want.
  • Clarrie insists on continuing to work, though she’s in a bad way. Ed calls to pick up her cardigan from the dairy, and Tony offers to help in the search for Will. Clarrie makes jam tarts with George, and that brings back painful memories of times when Will and Ed did the same. Later, Rosie rings with an idea. Maybe Will has gone to the Lowestoft area, where the boys had fun as children. Although he’s meant to be taking Emma out for her birthday, Ed says he’s coming with Eddie to look for Will there. Emma will understand.
  • Tony has had some good news from the Land Agent. Their position as long-term tenants means they have a good chance of buying Bridge Farm at a low price, especially now that there is evidence of the next generation wanting to continue the business. Maybe Bridge Farm has a future despite Matt. He and Lilian have a sharp exchange on the subject of family loyalties.
  • Matt rejects all Lilian’s plans for a birthday celebration, and opts for pie, mash, gravy and ice cream – plus an early night. Lilian is touched.

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