Brian makes plans for Ruairidh’s future. Matt makes plans to avoid drinks with the Snells.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer do some research. Meanwhile, Lynda offers the hand of friendship.

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  • Brian’s ear is bent by Bridget, saying she thinks Ruairidh is not stretched enough at Loxley Barratt School. Jennifer defends it; if it is good enough for Freddy, Lily and the Brookfield children then surely it is good enough for Ruairidh. Brian wants to look at the websites Bridget is emailing.
  • Jolene’s self-control is put to the test when Lilian presses her to a cigarette. But Kenton has promised her a treat is she stays off them for another week, and Jolene is determined to show him she can. Kenton is talking about them both going to New Zealand to see Meriel.
  • At her most condescending, Lynda calls at the Dower House to offer her condolences on Lilian’s failure to be re-elected to the Parish Council. Lilian is not in, having gone to chivvy the builders at 3 the Green. When she does return, Lynda tells her that James and Leonie have booked an exotic holiday. Lilian is not pleased to hear this from Lynda rather than James.
  • Brian looks at the school websites and is convinced a prep school is what Ruairidh needs. Jennifer fails to share his enthusiasm, since she will have to drive him there each day. This gives Brian a better idea; boarding. Ruairidh would simply love all the activities. Jennifer fears he would miss them; Brian thinks they owe it to him. Once she can divert Brian’s attention from the laptop, Jennifer sneeringly tells him that Susan Carter has actually read ‘Cranford’ with the intention of joining the book club.
  • Matt tells Lilian she is spending too much on 3 The Green. They need down-market fittings and fixtures. Worse still, Lynda has invited them for drinks at the Ambridge Hall to celebrate heir new semi-relationship. Sadly he will be too busy counting paperclips to go.

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