Ed has a difficult conversation. Elizabeth has to make a difficult decision. Will is plain difficult.

Radio Times: Ed makes his feelings known, and Elizabeth tackles a tricky task.

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  • Oliver tells Ed about the Great Grey Gables leak, but senses that Ed is only half listening. Eventually Ed tells Oliver what is bothering him; George. He feels Thursday to Sunday is too long for him to be away from home, and especially from Keira. Oliver tells him to do what is right for the family.
  • At Lower Loxley someone else is only half listening to a conversation. Jessica, the falconer, has asked for a cash injection for her business, and Elizabeth is not sure they can afford it. She will look at the figures.
  • Ed calls at The Bull to speak to Nic. He explains how he feels about George staying more nights with Will, and his wish for George to bond with Keira. Nic says she understands; Ed only wants what is right for George. But when Ed asks her to speak to Will, Nic is less sure. Rather reluctantly, she agrees.
  • Elizabeth tackles the falconry problem. The figures are a cause for concern. Although Nigel loved the birds so much, she must do what is right for the business, so she has made her decision. The falcons will have to leave Lower Loxley.
  • Predictably, Will erupts in fury when Nic gives him Ed’s message. But she stands her ground, and forces him to see reason. Ed has George’s best interests at heart, and alterations to his routine are disruptive. His place is with his mother, so that he doesn’t feel pushed out by Keira. Reluctantly Will is forced to agree, and apologises for taking his anger out on Nic.

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