Will lays his plans. Roy starts work. David offers help at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Will has an ulterior motive and Roy settles in.

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  • Roy turns up for his first day at Lower Loxley, and asks Elizabeth about the week’s events and some wedding bookings. She is sure he will find everything straightforward in the light of his experience at Grey Gables, and sounds very optimistic about the future of the business.
  • Kathy is busy in her garden, and tells Clarrie that she thinks Jamie has turned a corner. He got up for school without being nagged, and is going to Marty’s after school so they can revise together. Kathy appears both convinced and pleased. Clarrie, meanwhile, is off to the dentist. She thinks her birthday celebrations will consist of a drink with Neil and Susan, Mike and Vicky.
  • David takes a look at the Lower Loxley grazing, and thinks it needs aerating. He offers to arrange the hire of an aerator, and will do the work himself. Elizabeth is very grateful.
  • William tells his mother he needs to see her. He has just seen Helen and Henry, and comments on Helen’s maternal glow. The purpose of his visit is to invite Clarrie for a birthday meal. Clarrie is delighted, but concerned about the extra work it will give Nic. Will’s memory is obviously either short or defective, as he tells Clarrie Nic is ‘well up for it.’ But George will be there, so it will be a real family occasion. Clarrie is looking forward to it; so, says Will horribly ominously, are we.

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