Family life among the Grundys offers opportunities for point scoring.

Radio Times: It is all hands to the pump at Grey Gables, and David and Ruth take time out.

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  • Fraternal Grundy rivalry continues as Ed picks George up from Will’s. Nic manages to intervene and restore peace when a dispute arises over the buttons on George’s coat, but Ed is unable to resist a gibe as he tells George about the wonderful afternoon they are going to have with baby Keira at Lower Loxley.
  • Brookfield’s resident misery David seems in better spirits as he checks the pasture and finds it to be doing well. When Ruth tells him that Elizabeth rang, David actually says there is no hurry to return the call. So cheerful is the new David that he actually wanders down with Ruth later on to see the cricket. Will says he is missed in the team.
  • An apparently major incident at Grey Gables has Lynda at her smarmiest. A slipped roof tile has caused water to come through a ceiling and awkward guests the Revd and Dr Cadwallader have to be placated with free dinners, discounts and much charm from Caroline while they move to another room.
  • As Nic irons Will’s cricket shirt, Will goes to great lengths to emphasise the happiness of his family. In a massively plodding effort to soften Nic up, Will tells Jake and Mia that they will cook fish finger sandwiches while Mummy has a lovely bath after the cricket match. After all, they are one big happy family.
  • Ed, too, goes to great lengths to emphasise the happiness of his family, telling George how much Keira loves her big brother. George seems faintly bored with the whole thing.
  • Never one to give up on a good idea, especially if it advances his plans to out-perform his brother, Will tells Nic he would like to invite Clarrie, Eddie and Joe to a meal for Clarrie’s birthday. Nic seems less than keen on the idea, but has little option but to agree.

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