Brian, Matt and Ed are put on the spot by their respective partners.

Radio Times: Fallon flaunts her new-found status.

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  • It’s Ruairidh’s fifth birthday and Lilian has scored a hit with a pirate outfit. It seems that the birthday dinner for Peggy went well yesterday, although Matt described Jack as “away with the fairies”. Both Matt and Lilian comment on the extent to which Brian has been getting involved in the running of the farm lately. Not surprisingly, Ruairidh has not had a card from Debbie.
  • Ed and Fallon are out at a concert, though Fallon is unenthusiastic – neither is Ed when they bump into Emma: for two pins he would go somewhere else but Fallon will have none of it.
  • With Ruairidh in bed and out for the count, Jennifer tackles Brian about his motives for getting more involved in the farm. Is he trying to sideline Adam? He claims that farming is entering a new era and there is money to be made; it’s exciting. Jennifer makes it clear that she needs him to help with Ruairidh.
  • Lilian is annoyed to find that Matt has brought his laptop to bed, to work on some documents from Annabel. Lilian has a keen interest in Annabel. She gets no further information from Matt about his decision to sell No. 1, The Green – on Annabel’s advice.
  • Emma bumps into Ed and Fallon again – literally – but this time it is Fallon’s turn to suggest that she and Ed leave, though not before she has commented on the guy Emma has been dancing with and encouraged her to “make his night”; Ed seems rather uncomfortable with this.

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