Kenton discovers that he has ordered a picture six times bigger than intended.

Radio Times: Bigger isn’t necessarily better for Kenton.

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  • Kenton has agreed to collect the photograph today – or tomorrow – although Elizabeth is not filled with confidence. She is puzzled that she cannot get through to David on his mobile but Kenton cannot explain it.
  • David has had the bright idea that a metal detector might find his missing phone in the mud.
  • Elizabeth offers Kathy a lift home, since her car is in the garage. She admits to some apprehension about next week. Kenton rings to say (but don’t tell Elizabeth) that the photo is much bigger than intended: he ordered it in inches rather than centimeters!
  • David has some good news about his sheep but the phone eludes him. Alistair tries with more success; though the phone will need to be replaced, maybe the SIM has survived. Meanwhile they notice the bull pushing over a fence post; it is strange that he is the culprit when he didn’t escape himself on the earlier occasions.
  • Kathy appreciates the lift. The conversation turns to Hayley and how they are going to manage without her; they just get to Kathy’s at the same time as Kenton. He fobs Elizabeth off with the story that he didn’t have time to get the picture today – but he really will go.
  • Kenton tells Kathy that he lives in the modern world; he works only in centimetres but did not realise that the photographer worked in inches. The photographer was out but he will go back to talk to him tomorrow; apparently there is no time to do another before Friday. Kenton will find a way; everything is under control.

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