Brian prepares to fight for the dairy project – and for his position as BL Chairman.

Radio Times: Brian refuses to leave anything to chance, and Lynda searches for aesthetic appeal.

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  • Having swung from mega-dairy to mega-pig-farm following Debbie’s advice, Brian has now decided that he should follow Annabelle’s advice and fight for the mega-dairy after all, lest anyone should think him indecisive! Perish the thought. Debbie won’t be pleased though.
  • At Bridge Farm, Tom is too busy to stop for breakfast but he stays around long enough for Pat to thank him for his part in inviting Rich. It brought her and Tony so much comfort and joy; it was a wonderful thing for him and Helen to have done. Brian calls in with an offer to pick up any farming supplies they might need and he remarks to Tom that he hasn’t seen Pat looking so cheerful in ages. Tom doesn’t enlighten him.
  • Lynda and Robert are braving the chilly temperature to have breakfast outside in the lovely sunshine. A phone call from the terrible duo, James and Leonie, announces their intention to fly over Ambridge in a helicopter, taking aerial shots of the Easter events in progress below. The natives are not going to like this – especially if it sends their Easter bonnets flying!
  • Brian has a BL Board meeting on Thursday and he plans to do some serious lobbying beforehand to rescue the dairy project. If it falls, his position as Chairman may be untenable. (Isn’t it already?)

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