John’s son Rich pays a visit to the family farm.

Radio Times: Everyone is on edge at Bridge Farm, but the special day may not go as planned.

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  • Everything is spick and span at Bridge Farm in readiness for a rather special visitor – John’s son Rich. Not far away Eamonn gives Rich a last chance to change his mind; it’s all been so quick, everyone would understand. But he wants to do it.
  • At Brookfield, Jill and Josh are conducting an inspection of the bee hives, though it is apparent that Josh’s bee keeping suit is now rather tight. Aided by some smoke and Josh’s ability to spot the queen quickly the inspection goes well. Josh is looking forward to helping Dad with some welding later. He is so pleased that they are staying in milk. Tomorrow David is going to look at slurry containers.
  • The visitors arrive and the obligatory cup of tea dispensed, though Rich is more interested to see photos of his father. On a walk around the farm, they point out where John started his pig business as well as the barn where he practised being a DJ. They don’t visit the place where he died and Rich doesn’t particularly want to. When they find Tom, the rest of the party hold back – Eamonn’s idea – to give Rich space; with Tom he is as close as he will get to meeting his father.
  • Rich seems keen to learn about pigs – to help too, but since he is wearing his best clothes, Tom suggest that’s not such a great idea. Rich thinks that John sounds like a cool guy.
  • After a good lunch and some ‘awesome’ ice-cream, it’s time to go. Rich chooses a couple of photos of John to take with him and after only a little prompting, there is a hug for his grandmother. He will be welcome to come again whenever he likes.

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