Pat and Tony hear some good news. Annabelle warns Brian not to change course.

Radio Times: Things are moving fast at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile, Annabelle offers advice.

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  • As Helen is leaving the shop she receives a call from Kylie. Sharon has been upset since Helen’s visit, so Kylie has come home early. But Sharon has given the subject of Rich some thought, and has agreed that Eamonn should bring him down to Bridge Farm on Sunday. Helen rushes to tell Tom.
  • Brian meets Annabelle for lunch, and puts the idea for the mega pig enterprise to her. Annabelle is lukewarm; she thinks the protesters will still take up the animal rights issue because they have BL firmly in their sights now. Weakly, Brian tries to put the case, but Annabelle remains firm. Brian’s apparent change of plan midstream will give the board the impression that he has lost confidence in the dairy idea, and will seriously undermine his position as Chairman. In her view Brian needs to stand firm and fight for the dairy.
  • Pat chats to Tony about trivialities when Helen and Tom arrive. Helen breaks the news about Sharon. Rich has been told who Pat and Tony are, and Eamonn has agreed to bring him to meet his grandparents. Pat and Tony can scarcely take it in, but are very grateful. They are longing for Sunday and their grandson’s visit.

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