Brian looks to desperate measures. Lilian looks to some of her investments.

Radio Times: Debbie plays a wild card and Tony has a question for Lilian.

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  • As Alan and Usha exchange news of their working day, the subject of Vicky’s triumph over Eddie is raised, but Alan insists Usha should avoid all gossip. Instead they comment that Amy has mentioned her new boyfriend several times.
  • When Pat shows Tony the farm accounts, he shares her relief that things are improving financially. He agrees with her decision to ask the bank to extend the period of their interest-only mortgage repayments, but thinks Tom should not ask for a loan for the polytunnels until Tony has spoken to Lilian about repaying her loan.
  • A morose Brian meets David at the market, and asks if the rumours that farmers are boycotting it since the demonstrations are true. David is forced to admit that they are. And if matters could not get any worse, Lilian appears and harangues Brian about it. As an investor in the market, she wants to safeguard her investment.
  • Lilian calls to see Tony at his request, and is relieved to find it is only to talk about repaying her loan. She refuses to accept repayment at this stage; she is in no hurry.
  • Debbie rings Brian with her latest plan. They should forget the mega-dairy and look at a mega pig enterprise instead. Brian thinks the protesters will feel just as strongly about that, but Debbie airily assures him it is all a matter of perception; people will not feel as strongly about pigs. Grasping at any straw to save BL, Brian asks her to email him some figures and links.

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