Vicky wins the day where Eddie is concerned. Helen has a disastrous day where Rich is concerned.

Radio Times: Helen has an emotional encounter and Vicky discovers that revenge is sweet.

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  • As Eddie arrives to install Vicky’s water feature, he finds he has met his match. Vicky insists that it should be installed at the far end of the garden, involving the digging of a large trench. When Eddie suggests a cup of tea and a biscuit before starting work, Vicky is firm; he needs to get on if it is to be finished.
  • A nervous Helen arrives in Leeds and pours out the story of the E-Coli and Tony’s stress-induced heart attack. Piling on the emotional pressure, she meets with a stone wall. Sharon tells her that Rich is doing well. He is happy and settled and he loves Eamonn. Nothing and no-one is going to spoil that. Desperately, Helen tries everything to make Sharon change her mind, finally using John’s memory as her trump card. Sharon accuses Helen of patronising her, and orders her to leave.
  • With the water feature finished, Vick awaits the switching on. It looks wonderful and she is delighted. But Eddie’s moment of glory is short-lived; Vicky now wants chippings laid around it, so Eddie has to start work all over again.
  • Helen returns and Tom asks how things went. She breaks down and tells him it was awful; she ruined their chances of ever seeing Rich again. Tom tries to reassure his sister, but Helen knows they will never hear from Sharon again.

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