Jim allays Christine’s fears. Debbie promises to allay Brian’s fears.

Radio Times: Brian is in urgent need of advice. Meanwhile, Christine is feeling suspicious.

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  • The demonstrations at the cattle market are causing Brian many headaches, not least the fact that Andrew Eagleton is going to propose at the next board meeting that the mega dairy scheme be scrapped; it looks as though Martin Gibson will support him. Brian needs to speak urgently to Debbie.
  • Jill calls at Brookfield to check on her bees, and tells Ruth how involved Bert has become in carrying out the promises he made at the auction. He is off to do a garden makeover for Susan. Jill tells Ruth about Christine’s experience when Jim told her he found her perfume alluring.
  • Christine meets Jennifer and commiserates with her over being caught in the middle of the warring factions over the dairy scheme. Loyal Jennifer makes light if it but fails to convince Christine.
  • As Jill takes her turn in the shop, Brian comes in for some biscuits, but is very short with Jill when she tries to make conversation. He is on tenterhooks awaiting Debbie’s call, and when someone else rings, he finds it hard to be civil to Jill. When Debbie does call, she assures Brian that she will sort the problem out.
  • Jim asks Christine to be a witness to a phone call. Somewhat reluctantly she agrees, and is mystified when Jim rings a gentleman’s outfitters to compliment them on their customer service. Unsurprisingly the recipient of the call puts the phone down on Jim. Then Jim asks Christine to sign his notebook to witness the call. Seeing her own name in there, Christine slowly realises what Jim is up to. She rushes to explain it all to Jill.
  • Ruth calls at the shop to let Jill know that Lisa has confirmed the figures; Brookfield’s block calving will soon show a profit. Like Bridge Farm, Brookfield will, it seems, shortly go from near ruin to financial success.

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