Emma is relieved about her job. Helen is relieved about Sharon. Josh is concerned about his parents. Ruth is concerned about Josh.

Radio Times: Josh wants to get things straight, and Emma looks forward to the future.

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  • Josh seems reluctant to get ready for school. He asks Ruth about her visit to see the dairy system she wants to adopt, and whether Brookfield will be able to keep its herd. Ruth reassures him, but is taken aback when he asks whether things are all right between her and David.
  • Tom is grateful for David’s continued help at Bridge Farm, but thinks that now Brian is no longer helping with the veg boxes they should suspend the scheme until Spring. Helen is strongly opposed to the idea. Meanwhile she has phoned the cheese contact she has and made a provisional appointment for Wednesday. As long as Sarah can have Henry, she should be able to meet Sharon in Leeds.
  • Emma tells Ruth about her decision to leave Lower Loxley. She hopes Lorna will understand why she is leaving, but at least she will have more flexibility to help Ruth.
  • Pat asks Tom to look at the farm’s finances with her, as she thinks it might worry Tony. Tom thinks they are doing well, but Pat is more cautious and wants to extend the period of the interest-only mortgage. Tom offers to come with her to the bank; that way he can ask for a loan for his polytunnel at the same time. Again, Pat is unsure. She must run everything past Tony.
  • A relieved Emma calls to borrow brown sauce and to tell Ruth that Lorna was fine about her giving notice, and will offer Emma any casual work at times when she can find a babysitter. Ruth offers to do a turn if required. When David comes in, Ruth tells him what Josh said. Maybe he is more sensitive than they thought. Meanwhile they await Lisa’s return visit with high hopes.
  • Helen hears that Sharon will see her on Wednesday. Tom will check her car over and all should be well.

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