Tom comes up with yet another wonderful idea that pleases Helen. Ed comes up with a Mothering Sunday treat that pleases Emma.

Radio Times: Emma is in for a treat, while Helen and Tom are plotting.

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  • Helen is delighted to have a call from Kylie, who has managed to persuade Sharon to agree to see Helen. It will mean Helen going to Leeds, and Kylie warns her not to expect too much from the meeting.
  • Still fast asleep at 11 am, Emma is woken by Ed, George and Emma with a Mothering Sunday surprise; a handmade card from George, with Keira’s name inside as well; flowers from Ed and breakfast in bed followed by a bubble bath and a day at the park with afternoon tea. The habitually sullen and self-pitying Emma is transformed into a model of sweetness.
  • Tom shares Helen’s delight when he hears her news. He will help Helen plan a route and find a way of explaining her absence to Pat and Tony.
  • At the park, George helps Keira made sand pies and enjoys playing on the slide. Emma seizes the opportunity to tell Ed she is thinking of leaving her job at Lower Loxley because of her childcare problems. Ed urges her not to make a hasty decision; he knows how much she likes working there, and she needs adult company. Emma agrees to sleep on it, and hopes Elizabeth might have her back once Keira is at nursery.
  • After much discussion, Tom comes up with an idea. Helen can stop off at a cheese producer near Derby; that way she can tell Pat and Tony the truth, without the need to tell them about her visit to Sharon.

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