Helen talks to Kylie and she agrees to ask her mother about the possibility of more contact.

Radio Times: Helen asks a big favour and Christine is feeling wary.

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  • Helen is getting fed up with Tom pestering about Kylie. If she doesn’t get back to them that’s that. She could have lost her phone/be out of credit or anything and doesn’t know Helen wants anymore than a chat. Eddie is still suffering and his birthday was spoiled. Kirsty is feeling very guilty. Then while they are talking, Kylie calls. Helen explains the situation with Tony and his huge desire to meet Rich. If he had died, Rich would never have known him. Kylie is terrified at the idea of telling Rich about Pat and Tony, but all Helen wants is to be allowed to visit Sharon and to talk to her about the situation.
  • Hilary’s bird is getting better and there are improvements on the green from the reseeding of the bonfire. It will all be green by the Jubilee and Lily is hoping to have a place in a special bell ringing event.
  • Jim is still trying to compliment people and tries to flatter Christine on her choice of perfume. He refers to it as alluring…. Later Jill tells Christine about Brookfield’s plan for autumn calving though Christine is clearly totally uninterested and is rather distracted. It’s Jim’s comments that are bothering her. He’s never complimented her on anything personal before. She isn’t interested in Jim in any other way than as friends but what if he is getting ideas?
  • Helen tells Tom that she thinks the conversation with Kylie went well. And she will agree to talk to Sharon about the option about of Pat and Tony having more contact. And that depends too on Rich learning he has met his grandparents and whether he wants to see them again. They’ve done what they can it’s up to Kylie now.

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