Eddie falls over at the market during a demonstration and Brian tries to bribe him to say it was the protesters’ fault.

Radio Times: Eddie gets more than he bargained for and Kirsty wades in to help.

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  • It’s Eddie’s birthday and Clarrie is spoiling him now she’s back working. But he is off to the market for his shift.
  • Pip is having trouble rounding up the kids to get them to meet the bus on Ben’s birthday. He claims it wasn’t his fault – Josh was on Facebook talking to Phoebe.
  • The demo at the market is much bigger this week and they are becoming difficult to control. Eddie is with Brian when they spot he is there. Eddie tries to clear a way through. And then suddenly Eddie is knocked over. David calls an ambulance and Kirsty offers first aid. He has clearly had a nasty bump to his head. Eddie wants to get home for the meal out he and Clarrie have planned but Brian sees the opportunity to make out it was the protesters have pushed him over.
  • Clarrie collects him from the hospital and Eddie is horrified to find that the knock on the head means no pints of Shires for him. Even Brian agrees that alcohol isn’t sensible. Brian does apologise for what happened and tries to convince Eddie that he might have been pushed by a protester or knocked by a lorry. Eddies says no but that doesn’t stop Brian offering a substantial bribe.
  • The family party for Ben turns into a major toast to the cows, the sheep, to Ben and to Brookfield.

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