Tom and Helen agree to contact Kylie to try to get more contact with Rich.

Radio Times: Tom has a difficult conversation and Alice plays matchmaker.

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  • Natalie has dragged Jamie shopping. He is thinking about rejoining the cricket team but he would miss out on time with Natalie. But she persuades him it’s what his dad would have wanted. Jamie has the idea he would find it more fun with younger people and is going to suggest a training session for younger men. Even maybe Marty, he’s not got much going on and is having to repeat a year. Jamie will suggest it to Marty and if he goes for it he will raise it with Alistair.
  • Alice is off to the university fashion show leaving Chris to get his head round VAT. When she gets back she is disappointed that her match making had no effect. It turns out Amy already has a boyfriend and it’s early days and doesn’t want to introduce anyone to him yet.
  • Tom has a chat with Tony about the farm but he sounds very tired and unfocussed. His mind is back on Rich and what he might be doing. He tried to stay strong for Pat while she was desperate to see him, he couldn’t say all he wanted was to get to know him too. And now that’s it. They won’t see him again.
  • Tom tells Helen how her conversation with Tony went and how churned up they were by it all. It was really sad. And Helen tells Tom, Pat has told her much the same. Tom wonders if they should try to get involved and get them to see Rich again. At least Helen has Kylie’s number. Tom thinks they should definitely try to sort it out. Tony could have died and they would never have known each other. At least they can ask Kylie to try to work on Sharon. It’s worth doing.

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