The consultant agrees that Ruth has found a way to save the herd.

Radio Times: David discovers that appearances can be deceptive, and Mike defends the honour of the Tuckers.

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  • David is still milking at Bridge Farm and Tom is insistent they pay Pip, even if it isn’t necessary. The farm consultant turns out to be a woman which rather startles both of them. Neither of them initially thinks she is likely to be up to it. The consultant thinks they have a decent solution and it means the sheep can stay for now too. So she is off to do the figures. And she suggests a local farm doing the same thing that they might want to look at. At last they can tell the kids they have found a way forward. Even though it’s still a long way to go.
  • Plans for the orchard are going on and Joe has lots of saplings ready to be planted. Then Mike turns up and challenges Jim for eyeing up Vicky. He’s obviously been making sleazy remarks for months. And they aren’t pleased about it.
  • Mike continues to ignore Jim’s protestations that he had only been trying to compliment Vicky but he takes a lot of convincing. But they do shake on it in the end. Jim does acknowledge that he needs to weigh his words more carefully. Jim is rather surprised at the trouble compliments can land him in.

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