Brian provides a gushing welcome for his wife on her return home.

Radio Times: A welcome return.

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  • It is the morning after for Kathy. Clarrie is able to tell Pat that she saw her being helped home after two o’clock by Hayley and Brenda; this morning her curtains had not been drawn. Helen is fine; she and Tony are off to Birmingham to a sale.
  • Brian’s welcome when Jennifer comes home from her health farm visit is nothing short of ecstatic; Jennifer is suitably flattered. She has already heard from Debbie that Brian has been like a bear with a sore head – and all because he was missing his wife, obviously.
  • The trip to Birmingham was successful, although Tony thinks they paid a lot for a second-hand saucepan! Helen is now very keen to get the cheese room finished, which means that the sink needs plumbing in. Tony is too busy but is prepared to strike a deal: if Helen trims leeks, he will do the sink.
  • Pat is able to get a first-hand account of Kathy’s night-club experience when she calls at Bridge Farm for a cup of tea, although thanks to the vodka, she doesn’t remember it too well. She does have flashbacks of shouting at the two lads who danced with her, trying to get them to do the dance properly: once a teacher …
  • Brian thought that dinner at Grey Gables would be a real treat but it seems that Jennifer’s days at the health farm were not devoid of naughty puddings; she was also rather taken with a scrumptious young man who took some of the classes. Brian has no further news of the Hungarian venture but he thinks another trip will be necessary. Why doesn’t Jennifer come along this time? They might get to Budapest.

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