Elizabeth indulges in a spot of Schadenfreude over David’s problems with selling lamb.

Radio Times: Kathy is a fish out of water.

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  • Ruth is at it again. You can’t keep the woman down; this time she is strawing down the young stock. She has stopped milking and can’t go near the sheep, so she reckons she needs some contact with the animals; David would be happy with her feeding them but no more. Anyway, he is able to report a triumph from his visit to Grey Gables: Jean-Paul will give Hassett Hills lamb a try, although they have had to slim their margins to meet him on price. While he is in super-salesman mode, why not pay a visit to Lower Loxley.
  • Kathy confides in Elizabeth that she had not realised her “girls night out” was in a nightclub, until it was too late to pull out; her companions will be young enough to be her daughters. David’s mission seems thwarted because Owen, the Lower Loxley chef, has the day off. Kathy is able to tell him that they buy everything from the same wholesaler. Elizabeth seems pleased to add that they buy on price, not on family sentiment, and the popular hot-pot uses cheaper cuts; she is rather quick to suggest that the Hassett Hills venture is not going well.
  • Helen has relented and joined the night club party. She is no longer hung up about Greg and his ex-wife; he has assured her that he doesn’t know now what he saw in her. Kathy is chatted up by a couple of lads who call her “Miss” – because she used to teach them!
  • A post-mortem about the day at Brookfield reveals that Ruth, who has had a scan today, thinks she knows that the baby is a boy even though she said did not want to know the sex. David will have another try at Lower Loxley. He feels that Elizabeth seemed really pleased that they had problems; she can’t wait for him to fall on his face and make a hash of running Brookfield. It comes down to the inheritance.
  • Back at the nightclub, Kathy is having a vodka-assisted good time, wonderful time; they should do this more often. Well, that may depend on how successful Hayley is at getting her home in one piece.

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