The Hassett Hills brand is to be re-launched.

Radio Times: David takes advice.

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  • The Village Hall Committee has become rather depleted; Christine is missing from the meeting so both of the other members, Jack and Jill, are grateful that Oliver has agreed to be co-opted and has come along. If his reputation after the success of the Hunt Ball is the recommendation, they really need Caroline to join too. They are looking for fund-raising ideas to pay for the refurbishment.
  • Debbie is furious with her father: it surely cannot take him three hours to take Alice to school. He knew she had a meeting to go to and he is supposed to be taking over in the lambing shed. He is not a bit sheepish (couldn’t resist that!) and grudgingly agrees to do it. By the time Oliver calls, he is clearly not enjoying the experience and reluctantly has to decline an invitation to lunch at The Bull. Oliver really wants an update on the Hungarian venture: apparently the question of how much debt they would inherit has not yet been resolved. Jack also calls with an invitation to supper, Jennifer being away. Thanks but no thanks: Brian prefers to crash with a video and a bottle of whisky. That’s interesting to Jack, who is gathering evidence about the suggestion to run a video club in the village shop.
  • Her father having been as miserable as sin lately, Debbie is in no mood to rush back after the meeting. It has been a success. The consultant was very positive and agrees that they should re-launch the Hassett Hills brand; they might even get a grant – eventually. Tomorrow David will re-visit Jean-Paul at Grey Gables and, hearing that lamb is a favourite in the Lower Loxley restaurant, he will pay Owen a visit too.

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