Brian’s elaborate plan to get Jennifer out of the way is all for nothing: Siobhán’s return is delayed.

Radio Times: Bad news for Brian.

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  • Dross would be delighted to play another audition piece but for Jolene one is enough; truth to tell it is not really her cup of tea and they sound like every other metal band. However, she will give them a spot in The Bull Upstairs, just one, in support of one of the regular bands. She will also talk Sid into letting them rehearse there at quiet times – or rather, what would otherwise have been quiet times.
  • Tony and Jennifer are both full of their own birthday experiences and have little good to say about the other’s: who wants to be in Venice in the cold and rain and who wants to live on yogurt and lettuce leaves. Jennifer is rather too slow getting away to her health farm for Brian’s liking but that is because she is worried about Debbie, who looks dreadful; she needs a holiday and Brian must lighten her load. He could; after all, by his own admission, he will be at a loose end while Jennifer is away.
  • Brian is soon in The Bull celebrating being footloose and fancy free. When he returns from taking a call on his mobile he is not so cheerful. It was Siobhán calling from Hannover to say that she will not be home until the weekend; things have gone so well she is staying to help clinch a really big deal which could mean lots of work for her.

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