Helen does not like what she sees in Greg’s photographs: he has his arm round his ex-wife.

Radio Times: A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  • In the shop, Clarrie is bringing Betty up to date with Ed’s news, notably that he is back with the band. Thanks to Eddie’s nocturnal activities, Clarrie has a freezer full of pheasants and she is just explaining how she hates plucking them when – in walks Greg. He is in a very chatty mood and explains, much to Betty’s surprise although not to Clarrie’s, that he has been to France to see his daughters.
  • Delivering veg. to the shop, Tom is too full of his own woes (early rising, ungrateful slave driver of a sister) to be very interested in Kirsty but she manages to persuade him to go to the Bull this evening, as long as she doesn’t keep him up too late! Helen has picked up Greg’s photographs and cannot resist having a look.
  • Pat returns from Venice to find the long-suffering Clarrie toiling alone in the dairy, which is looking rather different: Helen might have waited until Pat had sorted out somewhere to put all the boxes before she commandeered the store room for cheesemaking. Venice was cold and wet but great. Helen pops in long enough to announce that there is some interesting equipment available in a bankruptcy sale on Friday, but not long enough to receive her present from Venice: she has a date with Greg.
  • In The Bull, Helen would have preferred not to sit with Tom and Kirsty, with whom she lives and works respectively, but it cannot be avoided. She would have preferred to go through the photographs with Greg alone but it cannot be avoided. Greg is answering a call on his mobile when they actually come to the one with his arm around Michelle. The call? It’s from Michelle, checking that he has got home safely! Tom observes that his sister has gone a funny colour – a delicate shade of green.

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