While the cat’s away, the mice are playing with the Bridge Farm dairy.

Radio Times: A change of plans.

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  • Helen is still cracking the whip at Bridge Farm; while mum is away she has got Tom installing cheese-making modifications to the dairy, which she reckons have approval. Greg’s unexpected return deprives Tom of both foreman and helper.
  • Hayley is in the shop explaining the problems she has had renting a video. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for Betty to start a video club in the village; Siobhán thinks so, as she buys magazines for her flight, but Betty is not so sure. It is a busy time for Hayley: she is helping with the preparations for Brenda’s 21st birthday party a week tomorrow and she is planning to take Kathy to a Felpersham club because she thinks Kathy is lonely. Brian is so surprised to find Siobhán in the shop, and not en route to Hannover, that he almost gives the game away; to make matters worse he makes a feeble excuse to dash after her, risking alerting the Ambridge gossip machine.
  • Helen has prepared a hasty lunch for Greg, who has come straight from the airport, while he reports on the trip to France. The Annette has not changed much but Sonia is almost a teenager; she was a bit wary at first but in the end the visit was a fantastic success. Michelle was very civilised too. For Tom the day is not a happy one: coming in from his solitary labours, there is no lunch prepared for him and a phone call from his parents announces that they have been bumped off the flight and will be a day late, so he has another early rise tomorrow.

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