Brian receives the news he has dreaded: Siobhán is going to die.

Radio Times: Lilian finds new hobby.

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  • Brian arrived too late yesterday to visit Siobhán but he is at her bedside now and she is awake. She recounts the latest development – a severe headache. An MRI scan has revealed secondary cancers in her brain; it is very aggressive; barring a miracle, she does not have long now.
  • She is taking morphine for the pain but there is nothing more to be done, except sort out Ruairidh’s future. Brian is named in her will as Ruairidh’s legal guardian; does she need to change that? Brian is done with lying: although Jennifer has not actually said she will take him, she knew the meaning of his dash to Dublin. But Brian declares his intention to take care of their son with or without Jennifer. That comes as a huge relief to Siobhán.
  • Lilian visits Mike with a bottle of whisky: it’s a bribe, pure and simple. The dancing school he recommended has closed, so she wants him to teach her. He is reluctant, declaring that he is rusty but eventually agrees to one trial lesson.
  • Brian phones Jennifer and passes on the news of Siobhán’s condition. Initially she clutches at straws but he finally spells it out: they have done all they can; she is going to die. She hears him but she gives nothing.

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