Ambridge triumph at cricket. Brian heads for Dublin.

Radio Times: The cricket team gets a run for its money.

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  • Home Farm is a hive of activity: Alice revising, Adam off to play cricket in the Village Cup against Paxley, Brian is strangely quiet. When they are alone, Jennifer learns that Siobhán’s mother has asked him to go to Ireland again; it must be serious. Jennifer rather coldly authorises his trip, but does not wait to hear any explanations.
  • Later, Jennifer explains to Alice that her father has to go to Ireland again. She is unperturbed – as long as he brings her back something nice. She asks about relations between her parents – everything’s fine.
  • At the cricket, Lynda seizes the opportunity to quiz Sid about running a B&B and whether he might object to the Snells doing it. He gives nothing; it never was his concern. Ambridge make 195 for 8.
  • It is a close thing: with 9 balls to go, Paxley need 7 runs.
  • Brian is ready to leave when he gets a text from Adam to say that Ambridge won. He promises to ring when he lands and to keep Jennifer informed. She gives nothing about her intention to look after Ruairidh.

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