Brian refuses to buy Tom out of the pig business. He wants things to stay as they are. Alan’s wedding trousers are too short.

Radio Times: Tom goes into the dragon’s den (again!)

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  • Alan and Usha are getting very excited about their weddings later this week. But Clarrie is still worried she hasn’t heard from Will.
  • Tom makes a proposal to Brian that he could buy him out of the business – he could still make the sausages for him, just not run the business. But Brian says no. He is determined to keep things as they are. Tom made a commitment and Brian expects him to stick to it.
  • Bert is planning his entries for the flower and produce show. He fancies something a bit more ambitious this year. Not like Phil though. He is submitting his photos of stars and planets in the photos of village life class. Clarrie has invented a new method of swapping – IOUs.
  • Alan has tried on his wedding suit and, horror of horrors, the trousers are too short and Underwoods will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday – or the alteration people will not be working at least.

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