Tony is furious at Brian’s attitude over the pigs and isn’t going to take it lying down.

Radio Times: Tony discovers his fighting spirit.

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  • Ed is really trying to make friends with George and seems to be settling down. Clarrie has also heard from Will and he seems to be settling down but he doesn’t want to see George for a couple of weeks and Clarrie is worried he will forget who Will is. Meanwhile, the village is getting confused about why Sabrina Thwaite is trawling round asking for cake recipes. It must be for the flower and produce show.
  • Tony is still thinking about converting the flat over the shop. Helen even thinks she might be interested in taking it. Peggy is relieved about the idea. She has been worrying about the shop for sometime. So they will be going ahead as soon as they check if planning permission is needed.
  • Tom tells Pat and Tony that Brian is not going to make it easy for him to move his pigs back to Bridge Farm. He has refused to buy him out on the basis that he has invested too much. Tony is furious. Brian is just doing this to be difficult. He just delights in controlling people’s lives and Tony isn’t going to take it lying down.

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