Brian returns to a few awkward moments; Kenton brainwashes Nigel; Siobhán doesn’t feel in the ‘family’ way.

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  • The lovers are back from Biarritz with a huge quantity of baby goodies. Brian is starting to feel that this baby is really going to happen…! But there he must leave it for the moment – family duty calls, including corroborating his Scotland story by collecting some grouse from the game dealer and changing into his tweeds. Not in Siobhán’s presence though; removing his trousers would – well – obviously not put Siobhán off. They say their regretful, lingering, fond farewells and Brian returns to Home Farm.
  • The prodigal brother-in-law is up to his favourite trick – persuading Nigel to spend his money on something hefancies – a quad bike! Indispensable for surveying the estate without ruining the lawns, a practical time-saver, fully tax deductible, completely irresistible – done!
  • Jenny, gushing with pleasure as usual on seeing Brian, finds it strange that he wore his tweeds (a bit warm to have been in the car all that time…) to drive home in. She asks enthusiastically about the shoot and the company, then thoroughly shocks him by suggesting that Elizabeth and Nigel (he loves grouse) should come for supper tomorrow evening. Just what Brian needs, not!
  • Elizabeth has invited Siobhán round for the evening. She comes bearing gifts, including the picture of Uncle Walter and Granny P. from Honeysuckle Cottage as a thank you for all Elizabeth’s help. Siobhán tells her all about the trip, including how wonderful Brian was. Their peace is soon shattered by loud engine noises outside …
  • Brian prevents Jenny from digging for details about his rested look by asking about the progress of harvest. No more hold-ups, but Debbie really does need some support; Alice has missed him; could they have a day out on Monday? Brian intends devoting himself to the farm for a while so he’ll think about it. Oh, and he’ll never guess what the gossip has been – Neil thought Mike was having an affair just because he had his hair cut! Brian decides he needs to get changed and start supporting Debbie straight away.
  • Freddy has thoroughly enjoyed a ride on the quad bike and obviously wants more. Elizabeth puts her foot down and vents her fury on Kenton. She is quite unable to see the need for the new machine. Nigel consoles Freddy with a piggy-back while Kenton seizes the opportunity to rush off on the bike, hailing Kathy to accompany him. Siobhán voices her fanciful wish that she, Brian and the baby could be a family in the same way as the Pargetters are.

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