Simon does not share Debbie’s enthusiasm to start a family soon.

Radio Times: Nigel is up for a challenge.

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  • Nigel is giving Bartleby rather a fright with his quad bike and Kenton has gone missing again. Nigel and Kenton seem to be becoming very friendly recently – even though he isn’t very reliable. He makes a good bounder – just like Brian. It makes Elizabeth very angry.
  • Jill is still be a slave to her children. She’s washing the spare curtains for Ruth and doing Kenton’s washing. Why do it yourself when you can get someone else to do it. No sign of what Kenton is going to do once the Lower Loxley celebrations are over. Surely he should be paying Mel some maintenance. He needs to earn a proper wage.
  • Debbie is getting broody over pictures of Kenton’s baby. Simon doesn’t seem so impressed and isn’t keen on the dig about it from Debbie. But she doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • Siobhán is getting ready for the big move. Elizabeth is pretty fed up that Brian isn’t going to help with moving so Elizabeth is going to help her herself.
  • Phil and Jill visit Uncle Cedric in the Folly. Phil is keen on making digs about how being a gentleman of leisure seems to suit him. Kenton announces he is planning to start his own small business but is remarkably vague about what that might be.
  • Simon tries to clear the air over the baby issue. He says he might like one – when the time is right. Debbie is only 31. There’s lot of time. Debbie doesn’t seem to agree. This is about love and commitment. And Simon’s fertility is probably on the decline too. Best not to talk about the whole thing at all.
  • Joe is still scrounging more wood from Nigel. But the afternoon seems to have gone well. Jennifer is still trying to press them into dinner – they have to eat the wretched grouse of Brian. She had to agree to tomorrow. It will be a nightmare. Nigel says he will be careful but will he remember Brian doesn’t know they know about Biarritz. It makes Elizabeth so angry to think about Siobhán. Kenton decides to challenge Nigel to a race around their new “death ride” for the quad bikes. They can borrow the one from Home Farm. It’s a bet!

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