Siobhán moves into her flat, without Brian’s help.

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  • Siobhán is moving into the flat. Elizabeth is still not impressed with Brian – even with a spirited defence from Siobhán. At least the flat looks good.
  • Brian isn’t very impressed with the Science museum they’ve visited for Alice. He’s obviously anxious about Siobhán. It’s a nuisance about the dinner party.
  • Nigel drops of a rather large moving in present – Brian has already sent flowers and Siobhán tells all. She had such a great time in Biarritz and now it’s all back to the lies, secrets and pretence. She just wants him with her.
  • More appalling table manners over the dinner party. Didn’t anyone ever teach them not to talk with their mouths full? Nigel and Elizabeth try to wind Brian up but he doesn’t really respond. Jennifer doesn’t help by talking about the ceilidh. He does agree to lend the quad bike for the race though.
  • Elizabeth just can’t believe Siobhán has fallen for such a bastard. Maybe she won’t want him so much after the baby is born. Nigel thinks a part of her still thinks they will end up happy ever after. They might know Brian will never leave Jennifer but does Siobhán?

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