Kenton is contemplating spicing up the Borchester night life.

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  • Neil is rather amazed at Mike’s transformation in white tie and tails – a bit on the tight side but he looks splendid. Betty’s going to be knocked out.
  • Kathy and Kenton are off to the cricket club dance too. If they can fight their way through the Grundys’ clutter. Kenton thinks Kathy has done really well. She’s got a really nice little property.
  • Neil has got his new gilts underway. It’s looking like quite a winning team with Tom. He’s quietly confident about the organic food awards too. Mike has had to hide his suit from Betty. She hasn’t got a clue yet.
  • Jill’s been sorting out the spare room for the new Hungarian – even though Ruth had already done it. Not up to Jill’s standards obviously. There’s a phone call from Neil. Marjorie’s dogs have got in with the Brookfield ewes again. A couple are quite badly injured. No matter what Ruth says, David is going to have a word with Marjorie. They’ve got to be stopped.
  • Kenton’s still going ahead with the bike race. He’s doing it to cheer Nigel up really. He feels rather sorry for him. Hayley is a bit upset to see the price they are asking for Honeysuckle Cottage. Kenton thinks Kathy must have made a bit from it though. She should get her cottage valued but Kathy isn’t too keen. Kenton also seems very interested in the night life in Ambridge – just doing a bit of market research.

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