Brian’s feeling hunted; he is pressured into a lunch date with Siobhán to get things clear.

Radio Times: Brenda’s big day.

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  • In the village shop, Jolene and Susan are gossiping about the surgery; apparently Tim has been in a bad mood. Susan has swapped shifts with Betty and will be working in the surgery on Friday. This pleases her not one jot as Tim will be away then, and she hates it (as do the patients) when there’s a locum in.
  • Brian, buying stamps, is an interested bystander. Interrupted by Brenda Tucker showing off her birthday jewellery, he waits until she and Jolene leave before quizzing Susan a little more about Tim’s plans.
  • In Borchester Neil and Emma talk over her possible Further Education plans. Wouldn’t she rather do a full time college course? No, she very definitely wants to keep working, with a day release. She is sure that Kathy, and then Elizabeth, will agree. Neil is dismayed when they meet up with Eddie, who crassly wishes that Edward would get himself some more education ‘to keep him out of trouble’. It’s all this hanging around that’s the problem. (Neil thought it was stealing cars!) Neil is just about to get stuck in on the turkey front when Emma drags him away. She wants to go home to get ready for the party.
  • Back in the shop Susan is telling Siobhán all about the proposed fund-raisers for the village hall renovations. Siobhán is surprised that ‘they’ haven’t roped her in. Susan says it maybe because she’s away a lot … like this weekend for instance. Siobhán soon puts her straight. She’s not going, oh no, she’s suffered Tim’s army stories and old mates once too often. He’s going away – she’ll be home alone!
  • A thumpingly noisy bar proves that Brenda’s 21st is going with a swing upstairs. Unfortunately regular and not so regular customers are moaning about the noise downstairs – Jolene is not amused. Brian, hoping for a quiet drink, is surprised by the arrival of Siobhán and they hold a very fractured conversation, interrupted in turn by Eddie, Brenda and Neil. Just as well for Brian as Siobhán is in a fine temper. Just what the hell does he think he’s playing at? She has left countless messages on his mobile. He blusters, makes excuses about Jenny being on his tail, and counters with accusations of her getting up to all sorts in Hamburg. His appreciative comments about Brenda in her birthday finery only serve to wind Siobhán up more. She wants to meet him tomorrow. They’ve got to get a few things clear. Oh dear!

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