The planning application gets the thumbs up but Brian get the thumbs down from Siobhán.

Radio Times: Bad news for the village.

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  • On a very wet morning indeed George and Christine enjoy breakfast and open the post. A weighty letter for Christine proves to be the lottery grant documents. They could get up to £5000 but will have to do a lot of fundraising to make up the difference between that and the cost of renovations to the village hall.
  • Over morning coffee Siobhán and Elizabeth discuss the missing hawk and the trip to Hannover. No biscuits for Siobhán, she ate – and drank – herself silly in Germany. She enjoyed the nightlife, and apparently the attention of the German Marketing manager! Emma arrives and tentatively puts her wish-list to her boss: a return to work on lighter duties soon, then starting a day release to college after Easter. Surprisingly, she gets the green light. If Kathy’s happy with the arrangements, then so is Elizabeth.
  • Nigel bursts in, Eleanor the hawk’s been found (collective sigh of relief from the fowl of Ambridge). They hot-foot it to Henley on Thames to collect her.
  • Chris is flapping about the lottery documents while George is trying to trawl through the newly arrived planning application results, trying to find the bit that concerns Ambridge. He gets there – planning has been approved. Chris is dismayed but he is philosophical – they knew it might happen.
  • Elizabeth and Nigel are on their way home with a sleeping hawk in the back of the car. Nigel is on top form and gets even happier when Elizabeth suggests a double celebration when they get home … champagne and a bit of evening delight?
  • Brian arrives on Siobhán’s wet doorstep but the lady’s not about to let him in. He didn’t make their lunch date and what’s worse didn’t ring until she’d sat in the pub for 40 minutes. Not to put too fine a point on it, she is not a happy person. She thought they were having fun, but now she feels that what they have is worse than being married!

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