Brian’s not amused that the plans are revealed and Nelson spends a night at Lower Loxley

Radio Times: Brian is on the warpath.

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  • Shula chats to Hayley on her way in to visit Elizabeth, who is said to be under strain preparing her oration for Nelson’s funeral. Talking of stress, Hayley says she lost a lot of weight through worry over Phoebe and Kate and is now too thin for her wedding dress. Nigel appears and says Elizabeth is nervous but he is more concerned about Julia.
  • Brian answers the phone to an aggressive George. George presses him about how long he has known about the housing development. Brian blusters and says nothing definite has been decided. He is more interested to know how the Parish Council got to know so much about Borchester Land’s plans. Brian insists that he doesn’t know the details and George should ask Matt Crawford. George says he will.
  • Hayley collects Phoebe from Jennifer who has had a charming thank you letter from Lucas. Brian storms in. After Hayley and Phoebe have gone, he asks Jennifer whether she had been talking to her mother about the housing scheme. Jennifer confesses that she told Peggy and Jack. Brian is livid: he is going to get the blame from Borchester Land where his name is mud already.
  • At Lower Loxley, Lizzie, Nigel and Shula are reminiscing about Nelson. Nigel comes back from answering the door in a state of some shock. He says it’s the undertakers. They have Nelson with them. He is supposed to be resting at Lower Loxley overnight…Mrs Pargetter arranged it! Nigel thinks he had better go and have a word with Mummy …

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