Oliver is a little more wary of Ed’s motives and the Parish Council start to looks at the development plans in more detail

Radio Times: Ed visits his old haunts.

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  • In the shop, Siobhán tells Betty how she saw Sid with a torch coming out of the churchyard late at night – evidently researching the local history questions for the Easter quiz. Betty says Neil and Mike still haven’t got the hens but at least recent problems in farming should mean there is a demand for natural local produce when she is able to sell their free range eggs.
  • Ed has a break from GCSE revision to show Oliver what’s what on the Grange Farm land. Following up on what Caroline warned him about Ed’s delinquent tendencies, Oliver hesitantly asks Ed whether he remembers seeing a penknife he lost yesterday. Ed assures him it will turn up, just like his Mum’s wedding ring. Ed doesn’t need much persuading to accept payment for his services.
  • Neil is at Willow Farm looking at the empty chicken pens. He tells Betty of his frustration at not being able to get any farm work because of the foot-and-mouth crisis.
  • We join the Parish Council meeting just as it starts taking the form of a beginner’s guide to the Planning system. It turns out that they have two months from the publication of the public notice to appeal against the change to the Local Plan. They agree to draft a motion objecting to the extension of the village envelope. Siobhán agrees to do some research at the District Council offices. George says he will go and ask Brian why he has kept Borchester Land’s proposals under his hat.

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