Robert’s left Lynda and Oliver’s playing the benificent landowner with Ed

Radio Times: Oliver plays “Pygmalion”

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  • It’s breakfast time at Keeper’s Cottage and Clarrie tells Joe to stop bothering Betty in the shop. He replies that he’s in the Tuckers’ quiz team. Clarrie says she can’t be in the quiz because she’ll be working in the Bull. Eddie comes in seething with the injustice of Brookfield getting the extra £26,000 profit on account of the lifting of the milk quotas. Some of it should have been theirs.
  • At Grey Gables, Lynda is on the phone to a customer, treading a fine line between stroppy and downright abusive. Caroline overhears this and starts to reprimand her when Lynda breaks down. Tears and wailing. Robert’s left her. More tears and wailing. Caroline is most concerned – the punters might see Lynda in this state.
  • Later at Ambridge Hall, Lynda is quizzing Leonie on the phone when Joe turns up for his Internet lesson with Robert. Lynda sobs that Leonie said Robert has gone to stay with friends in Wales. But they haven’t got any friends in Wales! More tears and wailing. No need to get upset, says Joe, lots of people don’t have friends in Wales. Lynda is also upset about the wrecking of her plans for Easter, including the quiz. Never mind, says Joe; she can have the spare place in the Grundy team.
  • It’s evening and Oliver is having a drink with Caroline. He tells her about his visit from Edward. He thinks that, with nurturing, he could end up like the reputable William. Caroline warns him to check his valuables if Ed visits again.

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