Brian’s not letting up in his anti-Simon crusade and Greg’s past comes under scrutiny.

Radio Times: It is no Hollywood romance.

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  • Jill’s babysitting for Ruth and David – Greg’s coming round for dinner and David’s cooking up a curry. Ruth’s trying to get him to commit to what he might want to do for his fortieth birthday but he’s resolutely trying to ignore it! She’s also trying to convince him that some sort of consultant might be an idea to tell them what to do with the pigs. He still think that getting rid of them might be best, although Phil would never agree.
  • Simon and Debbie are off to the cinema and getting on well, he’s even looking forward to tea with Peggy! Everything’s going swimmingly until they bump into Brian and Jennifer in the foyer. While Simon and Jennifer are otherwise engaged, Brian comes out and tells Debbie that he thinks Simon’s only interested in her basic of the security and her possible inheritence. She’s furious and storms off, refusing to talk about it to Simon.
  • Greg seems as relaxed as he’s ever been, despite being exhausted chasing a fox all week and running two shoots. William’s coming on well, but he’s only just beginning. A little bit more of his past comes out, he’s done a lot of work with kids on probation and from broken homes, citing men as a frequent cause of problems, so why shouldn’t he put some back? When Ruth asked why he gave it up he cites time issues.