Daniel’s first day at school and Simon continues to cause waves.

Radio Times: It is not always a good idea to say it.

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  • Alistair’s round at Brookfield to try and borrow their video camera to record Daniel’s big day, leaving Shula and Daniel at home to have some time together before they head to school. It seems that she’s more nervous than him – he can’t wait to leave and is glad that Alistair coming so that she’ll have someone’s hand to hold when he’s at school! She relates this tale having called him “our son” which tickles Alistair.
  • A busy day in prospect at Home Farm but not before another small spanner gets tossed into the works, a huge bouquet of flowers arrives for Jennifer …. from Simon as thanks for last week’s dinner party. She’s absolutely charmed and, later, when chatting with Peggy, her mother suggests that she might have taken more than a shine to him?
  • Jack’s finding retirement a wrench, he’s only just managed to empty his stuff from his office so that Caroline might properly install herself.
  • Shula needn’t have worried – Daniel had a whale of a time – the reunion captured on video for longer-term embarrassment!
  • Peggy suggests to Debbie that they come to tea so she can pass her grandmotherly eye over him and when Jennifer asks her to pass on thanks for the glowers it’s obvious that Debbie knows nothing about them ….