Bovine problems for Grange Farm and Reynard continues to plague Greg.

Radio Times: Sometimes the price is too high.

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  • Natalie the cow is causing headaches for Joe and Eddie who realise that a call to Alistair is required and that whatever the cost, it’ll have to be better than losing the beast. Meanwhile the rent is due next month, the bank manager is leaving lots of messages which Eddie is refusing to respond to, Joe’s complaining about William’s new dog – if Brian bought it for him and it’s going to work on Brian’s land then Brian should pay for its grub! … and Joe’s trying desperately to keep Clarrie out of the house so that their still can have plenty of time on the Raeburn!
  • Larry Lovell’s poster advertising an audition for this year’s panto has mysteriously disappeared from the Bull …
  • Sid’s been awarded an all night licence for the New Year’s Eve and, far from offering overtime, he’s suggested that people might volunteer – as a social service!
  • David asks if Greg wants to come round for supper, as a kind of thank you, but he’s absolutely exhausted at the moment with trying to catch a fox.
  • Alistair’s not impressed with the Grundy’s herd records, not only because it makes following up his diagnosis of Bovine Viral Diarrhea, but he suspects that they might be loosing money with inefficient AI usage. Their cell count is still up – but his suggestion of an antibiotics blitz was met with a chorus of complaints about expense. Besides, he’s got a celebratory dinner to get home to, it’s Daniel’s first day of school tomorrow and while he’s nervous he knows that Daniel is more precious to Shula than he will ever really understand.