Tommy’s taken out of himself and Sid takes a hit at the bar.

Radio Times: No-one steps out of line.

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  • Hayley’s chatting to Tommy – she had called round to see Pat but she’s too busy to talk. Tommy, though, sees right through the ruse – Hayley’s just there to talk to him. It’s worked, to a point, because he did seem to be coping with the situation, which is what’s worrying Pat. Hayley suggests that he might want to meet her and Brenda for a drink in the Bull later.
  • It’s Jamie’s first day at school and Kathy’s fretting a little because he’s not said much – but it sounds like he was too tired! Sid’s busy preparing the function room for Jolene’s line-dancing class.
  • Another car, Mr Booth’s (a bell-ringer), was stolen yesterday too – found burnt out and abandoned a few miles away.
  • Brenda’s looking forward to her new job at Radio Borsetshire and Hayley and Tommy are pleased for her. Tommy and Hayley, against their better judgement, get dragged into the line-dancing and, eventually, thoroughly enjoy it. Jolene’s not so amused – Sid’s idea of “free drinks in the interval” is a few jugs of squash, but he’s beaten around to the first drink after the class on the house!